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What is an Electronic ticket?

The e-ticket is used instead of the paper slip, making flight preparations easy and comfortable. All travel data, including credit card payment details, are stored in your bank and the airline’s booking system. If you want, you can easily print out your receipt and flight itinerary from the home or office computer.

What do i need in check in at the airport if I have e-ticket?

Take your identity documents – a passport for adults or a birth certificate for a minor – and, if required, a foreign passport and visa as well. We also recommend that you take your itinerary receipt with you. It is not required for check-in, but it might be useful as it contains all your flight information.

How to make online reservation on company website?

To book/purchase an airline ticket online, proceed as follows:
• Select a flight, a way of payment and ticket fare;
• Enter passenger data;
• Enter contact details;
• Enter bank card details and pay your booking (if paying online).

How to pay for air ticket booked on web-site?

On-line tickets can  only be purchased from our website using Visa and Master Card credit cards. During the transaction, you will be asked to enter the three-digit CVV code on your credit card (The code is the last three numbers located on the signature strip on the back of your credit card). The total amount (including taxes and other costs) will be charged from your credit card upon your authorization and an Electronic Passenger Ticket will be prepared in lieu of an invoice which you will be able to print. You may also pick up your Electronic Ticket print-out from the closest Air Manas Sales Office within 7 days.

Please take note of the following booking restrictions:

• If the flight you are interested in departs within 24 hours, online payment are possible by bank card;

• If the flight you are interested in departs within 3 hours, online payment are not possible. 

In case of Flight Cancellation or Long Delays

Arrangements will be made accordingly if passengers decide whether they prefer a flight at a later time or date to the final destination.

Also, the services mentioned below are provided free of charge:

• Food and refreshments if delay more than 3 hours
• No compensation will be paid for long delays

Can a booking be cancelled without warning?

Yes, it can. If the booking period expires before payment has been made, your booking will be cancelled. The booking period can vary from 3 to 24 hours, depending on the fare class and whether the time remaining before departure is more or less than three days.

Can anyone purchase a ticket on the website?

No, unfortunately not everyone. Because some passengers require special booking procedures and mandatory agreements with the airline regarding the terms and conditions carriage, it is not currently possible to issue tickets online for:

·         unaccompanied children (those under 13 travelling without an adult);

·         adult passenger with infant under 2 years old occupying separate seat;

·         blind or deaf passengers.


Tickets for passengers in these categories can be bought via Air Manas sales office, where a ticket sales agent can take all the necessary details and make enquiries about the possibility of such a flight.

What is included in the ticket price

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