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Dear passengers,

For reservations / purchase tickets, you can visit a nearest air ticket sales agency in your city. For more information about purchasing tickets, you can contact us via chat or e-mail.


By accessing and using this website, you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions.

The Air Manas website enables you to purchase Electronic Tickets (e-tickets) for our flights, make reservations, change your route, and make cancellations and return operations.

“Electronic ticket” (e-ticket) refers to the Ticket prepared by the carrier or prepared in the carrier's name that contains passenger information. The agreement clauses and warnings constitute an inseparable part of the carrier agreement and ticket. The e-ticket is an alternative for invoice.

You may Purchase or Reserve tickets on the internet for up to 9 passengers and 6 flights at the same time.

It is imperative that Internet transactions are carried out exactly as demonstrated on the internet pages. Air Manas will not be responsible for any delays that is direct result of wrong transactions on your part while making reservations, changing reservations, cancellations, refunds and purchasing on-line tickets.

Air Manas may request to see the credit card with which the ticket purchase was made.

COVID-19 procedures Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  1. 1)According to updated procedures from March 5,2022 submission of a negative result for a PCR test or a rapid antigen test for the Corona virus before coming to the Kingdom is not required.
    Visit visa holders are required to have insurance to cover the costs of Covid-19 infection treatment during their stay in the Kingdom.
  2. 2)For entry the KSA its necessary the passage 14 days after receiving the second dose of vaccines approved in Saudi Arabia:
    • -2 doses of Pfizer-BioNTech
    • -2 doses of Oxford-AstraZeneca
    • -2 doses of Moderna
    • -1 dose of Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen
    • -Sinopharma and Sinovac (On condition of that they have received an additional dose of the approved vaccines in the Kingdom mentioned above)
  3. 3)A visitor coming to the KSA must register on the “Muqeem Platform” before arrival via the link: (https://muqeem.sa/#/vaccine-registration/home )
  4. 4)Then download Tawakkalna application for following up the timeline sequence, and for application of the institutional quarantine protocols in an appropriate manner.

Referance Information

Passenger behaviour rules

Every passenger on board the aircraft becomes part of aviation security requirements.

For violating aviation security rules, regulations and requirements on domestic flights, and bear responsibility in accordance with the applicable legislation of Kyrgyz republic.

For violations of aviation security rules, regulations and requirements on international flights, passengers bear responsibility in accordance with the requirements of international air law and the legislation of the country of destination or stopover countries, regardless of the country registration or operation of the aircraft.

At all times during your carriage, you have a duty to behave in a manner which is not likely to:

  • Endanger, or threaten( whether by hoax threats or otherwise) the aircraft or any person or property
  • Injure or prejudice the health of other persons aboard the aircraft or create the risk or threat of injury or damage to health
  • Cause distress to, or be complained of as materially objectionable to, other persons aboard the aircraft, such conduct includes, for example, harassment, molestation, sexual assault or abuse
  • Cause, or be likely to cause, loss of or damage to Air Manas property or that of the other persons aboard the aircraft. Obstruct, hinder or interfere with the crew in the performance of their duties
  • Contravene any instruction or direction of the crew or the airline(whether oral or by notice) lawfully issued for the purpose of the safety or security of the aircraft and of persons or property and/or the comfort or convenience of passengers, including, instructions concerning safety, security, seating, seat belts, smoking, consumption of alcohol or use of drugs, use of electronic equipment, but not limited to, cellular telephones, laptop computers, PDA, portable recorders, portable radios, CD, DVD and MP3 players, electronic games or transmitting devices( for example, radio controlled toys and walkie talkies)

Breach of duty

If we reasonably believe that you have failed to fully observe all of the duties placed on you:

  • We may report the matter to any relevant police or other enforcement authority; and
  • We may take such measures as we consider necessary to prevent the continuation or repetition of the offending conduct including, for example, physical restraint and/or removal of you from the aircraft and/or refusal to carry you after a stopover( whether made for the purpose of removing you from the aircraft or otherwise);and
  • We may decide to refuse to carry you at any time in the future; and
  • You will reimburse us for any costs we incur in order to:
    • Repair or replace property lost, damaged or destroyed by you
    • Compensate any passenger or crew member affected by your actions
    • Divert the aircraft for the purpose of removing you from the aircraft

We may use the value of any unused carriage on your ticket or any of your funds in our possession to pay sums due to us from you.

Reference information on liability for violation of air legislation on the website of the CAA KR

Transportation of Dangerous Goods in Kyrgyz Republic

About online operations

On-line tickets can only be purchased from our website using credit cards Visa and Master Card. During the transaction, you will be asked to enter the three digit CVV code on your credit card (The code is the last three numbers located on the signature strip on the back of your credit card). The total amount (including taxes and other costs) will be charged from your credit card upon your authorization and an Electronic Passenger Ticket will be prepared as an alternative for invoice, which you will be able to print. Air Manas are not responsible for any e-ticket confirmation/cancellation notices that are not delivered to the customer’s e-mail, or that are delivered late or incomplete.

Reservation and ticketing guidelines

1. Reservations may not be transferred to other person, and the name on a ticket cannot be changed.

2. Reservation changes, ticket cancellations and fare refunds cannot be made after the scheduled departure time.

Ticket validity:

a. Tickets are valid for one year from the flight date printed on the first flight coupon. Changes or refunds cannot be made on ticket that is no longer valid.

b. In the case of a ticket changes made, the validity date will be the same as the first ticket. The period of validity of the first ticket cannot be extended on changed tickets.

3. The Service Fee is non-refundable in case of refund.

4. Refunds of tickets will be transferred only to the credit card holders that was used to purchase the ticket.

***In case if ticket was bought through agency, ticket has to be refunded at the same place where ticket was bought.

5. In case of ticket refund, service fee is nonrefundable.

6. Air Manas passengers must complete their check- in procedures at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for international flights, or at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for domestic flights.

7. Air Manas denies liability for any damage or injury caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of record whether as a result of breach of contract, tortuous behavior, negligence, or under any other cause of action.

Fixed price rules

  • • When the system gives a period free of charge, the period and its prices can be extended depending upon the numbers of days and flights remaining.
  • • On the web, where the international route option is extended, then domestic route is also extended.
  • • Fixed price charges are non-refundable.

Change reservation and cancel/refund ticket

• When the system gives a period free of charge, the period and its prices can be extended depending upon the numbers of days and flights remaining.
• On the web, where the international route option is extended, then domestic route is also extended.
• Fixed price charges are non-refundable.

Air Manas Air Company tariffs include refundable and nonrefundable, changeable and not changeable tariffs. According to Kyrgyz Republic Aviation Rules 20 (8.1):

“If passenger concludes a contract of air transportation, which assumes no refundability in case of contract cancellation, then air transportation fee, that was paid is not refunded.”

NOTE!Rules below are applicable for Air Manas Air Company tickets purchased via Pegasus Airlines sales system and might differ from tickets purchased via alternative sales systems (Amadeus, Sirena, Sabre, etc). In order to read Pegasus airlines rules, please follow the link below: https://www.flypgs.com

Air Manas INTERNATIONAL flights:

Tariff type Route Classes


G, P
Refundable and changeable (with penalty) Bishkek-Moscow-Bishkek



Air Manas DOMESTIC flights:
Flight between KYRGYZSTAN cities

Tariff type Route Classes
Возвратные и подлежащие обмену классы (со штрафом) Bishkek-Osh-Bishkek P,U,T,Z,V,X,S,N,K,H,W,M,L,B,Q,Y

You can learn class of the ticket during online booking on flypgs.com:

Also you can find class of the booking on the ticket; first letter of the tariff means class name. Moreover, refundability and changeability is indicated on the ticket.

Tariffs rules applicable in case of ticket change/cancellation for refundable and changeable tariffs only:

Change More than 4 hours before departure Passenger has to pay:
1. Penalty equal to 25% of old ticket tariff fare.
2. Difference between new and old ticket fares.
New ticket fare is less than or equal to old ticket fare Passenger has to pay:
1. Penalty equal to 25% of old ticket tariff fare.
2. Difference between new and old ticket fares is not refundable..
Less than 4 hours before departure Ticket fare doesn’t matter Tariff is not changeable
Cancellation More than 4 hours before departure Ticket fare doesn’t matter Ticket is refundable except for penalty equal to 25% of ticket tariff fare
Less than 4 hours before departure Ticket fare doesn’t matter Tariff is not refundable

Taxes and surcharges rules applicable in case of ticket change/cancellation:

Tax/Surcarge Time left till Departure Change Refund
Service Fee - SF Doesn’t matter Has not to be paid again in case of change made in the same agency as original ticket / using the same way (internet, mobile application) Nonrefundable
Fuel charge - YR More than 12 hours before departure (refundable and changeable tariffs only) Has not to be paid again Full Refund
4-12 hours before departure (refundable and changeable tariffs only) Has not to be paid again Nonrefundable
Less than 4 hours before departure (refundable and changeable tariffs only) Has to be paid in full amount Nonrefundable
Airport Taxes HL, CN, IN, JN, G1, F2, K3, RI, UH, UZ, FX Doesn’t matter Has not to be paid again Full Refund

Involuntary change/refund rules
Involuntary full refund (except for SF) or free ticket change for the same route can be provided in cases described below:
1.Air Manas flight cancellation.
2.Air Manas flight delay more than 2 hours.
3.Air Manas flight delay caused missing of transit flight (applicable for only code-share and interline agreement). However, change/refund can be made only on unused segments.
4.Documented death of the passenger or his/her close relatives (parents, children, adoptive parents, adopted children, brothers, sisters, grandparents and grandchildren).
5.Documented illness of the passengers or his/her close relatives.

Involuntary refund CANNOT BE DONE in the cases described below:
1.Passenger hasn’t come to the flight
2.Passenger is late to the flight
3.Passenger doesn’t have required documents (passport, visa, etc)
4.Passenger wasn’t allowed for the flight because of the law violation (including customs and passport control issues)
5.Other reasons, not indicated in the involuntary change/refund rules.
6. Air Manas Air Company takes no responsibility for other airlines flights except for Code Share and Interline agreement flights, conducted with Air Manas.
7. Air Manas does not pay any compensation for delayed and cancelled flights.

Money refund after flight cancellation:
In case of payment made via credit/debit card, money will be transfered to the same card and should be delivered within 20 days. Money tranfer period depends on the bank.
Those, who purchased tickets using cash, can get their refund in the agencies, where they bought tickets.

Baggage and moveable materials

Checked baggage

This baggage is registered to the passenger ticket in exchange for a baggage label, and is entirely the responsibility of the carrier. The contents of the baggage should comprise clothes. Valuable documents and jewelry, electronic goods, and items that can leak or break should not be placed in baggage.

The standard weight of luggage:
Domestic flights: 15 kg
International flights: 20 kg
Depending on the package, the permissible weight of luggage on "Air Manas"(ZM) flights is as below:
Package type Domestic flights International flights
BASIC 0 kg 0 kg
ESSENTIALS 15 kg 20 kg
ADVANTAGE 20 kg 25 kg
BUSINESS 15 kg 20 kg

Air Manas is not responsible for next damages:
• Minor scratches, holes, cuts
• Humidity
• Damage to the wheels, handles, straps or zips of any item of luggage
• Damage caused by poorly packed or heavy items

In accordance with EU regulations, the maximum weight limit per piece of baggage(suitcase, sports / host / travel bag, backpack) is 32 kg.

Hand baggage

This is baggage taken onto the plane by the passenger. Each passenger is permitted one item of carry-on baggage measuring 20cm x 40cm x 55cm, weighing a maximum of 8 kg on domestic and international flights (12kg for tickets issued under BUSINESS package).

The following are allowed to be carried on board without subjected to extra cost.

If there is no room in the cabin for these items, then they will be stowed in the hold and carried as checked baggage.
• One hand bag suitable for traveling,
• One overcoat, shawl, scarf or blanket,
• One bag of duty-free shopping,
• One umbrella (except those with pointed ends) or walking stick,
• One baby carrycot or pushchair (can be placed in cargo),
• One small camera or telescope,
• Books and magazines to be read during the flight,
• Collapsible wheelchair or pair of crutches (to be placed in cargo)
• Baby food and carrycot to be used during the flight
• One laptop computer

Air Manas is not responsible for keeping the hand baggage.

Lost baggage

Please report any lost luggage, providing any documentation requested, at the appropriate airport's Lost Luggage Office, administered by Ground Services, before leaving the arrivals lounge and on the same day that the luggage has been lost. As airlines cannot take full responsibility for luggage, please carry any important items in your hand luggage.

- Breakable or declarable items, electronic devices, musical equipment, medicines, valuables (money, jewelry, commercial or valuable documents, passport, ID cards etc) and dangerous items (firearms, ammunition, chemical substances etc) should not be placed in luggage. The carrier is not responsible for the loss of or damage to such items.

- Guests travelling together but with different PNR numbers on their reservations must make this clear in the report for loss or damage to their luggage not to experience any problems. There is no responsibility if a guest cannot show a luggage label in his/her own name.

- Air Manas is not responsible for items left behind by guests on aircraft.

Lost Luggage:

Guests whose luggage is not returned should go on the same day to the Lost Luggage Office, administered by Ground Services, at the appropriate airport before leaving the arrivals lounge with the following:
• PNR number, flight ticket, boarding card
• Luggage label
• Identification (proof of identity, passport)

All of these should then be kept safely along with the Lost Luggage Report (PIR). The search for missing luggage will then commence via World Tracer, the global luggage tracking system used by most airlines.

A report will be filed by the appropriate Ground Services within 5 days with any news of your luggage. Luggage found will returned to you in the shortest amount of time possible.

In the event that your luggage is not found within one month, the tracking will continue by the Central Lost & Damaged Luggage Department. In line with Air

Manas guidelines, electronic copies of the following documents and information should be provided:
1. Lost Luggage Report
2. PNR number, flight ticket, boarding card
3. Luggage label
4. List of items in your luggage
5. Your bank account number, account-holder's name and surname, name of bank, BIC-Swift code and IBAN
6. Your email address

Damaged Luggage:
Air Manas cannot be responsible for the following types of damage to luggage:
Minor abrasions, holes or tears
Light amount of damp or wetness
Damage to the luggage's wheels, handles, straps or zips resulting from the type of
Luggage used, existing damage on the luggage, inferior quality or defective luggage
Damage caused by items not packed well enough (fragile items) or by excessive

Direction Excess baggage fee via website/agencies in USD per 1 kilo Excess baggage fee at airports in USD per 1 kilo
Departure country Arrival country
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan 1 USD 100 soms
Kyrgyzstan Russia 3 USD 4 USD
Russia Kyrgyzstan 3 USD 4 USD
Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan 3 USD 4 USD
Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan 3 USD 4 USD
Kyrgyzstan Turkey 6 USD 7 USD
Turkey Kyrgyzstan 6 USD 7 USD
Kyrgyzstan Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 6 USD 7 USD
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Kyrgyzstan 11 USD 11 USD
Kyrgyzstan India 5 USD 6 USD
India Kyrgyzstan 5 USD 6 USD
Kyrgyzstan Egypt 6 USD 7 USD
Egypt Kyrgyzstan 6 USD 7 USD
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan USD USD
Kyrgyzstan Pakistan 5 USD 6 USD
Pakistan Kyrgyzstan 5 USD 6 USD
Kyrgyzstan Korea 6 USD 7 USD
Korea Kyrgyzstan 6 USD 7 USD
Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan 3 USD 4 USD
Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan 3 USD 4 USD

**** According to code-share agreement between Pegasus Airlines and Air Manas, for transit flights will be used rules for excess baggage of the carrier whose flight number indicated in ticket.

Limitations and Rules about baggage Acceptance

It is strictly forbidden to carry any cutting, piercing or harmful objects in the hand baggage including knives, pocket knives, scissors, razors, knitting needles etc. and they can only be placed in the checked baggage. These items may get destroyed and therefore may not be returned to the owner should they be discovered during an inspection by the security officers. Pegasus Airlines are not liable for the loss of any such items.

Hazardous substances are those which can cause harm to the health, security, and property of others during air transport. Baggage’s which contain hazardous substances are subject to national and international regulations. These cargos must be appropriately declared and what is contained in the hazardous substances must be clearly indicated.

Due to security reasons, these items cannot be carried in restricted areas or on board:

1. Any kind of weapons, guns, all sorts of firearms (pistols, six-shooters, revolvers, rifles, all grooved guns, all kinds of objects which may cause injuries or which have the capacity or which appear to be able to shoot off ammunition, counterfeit and imitation firearms, components of firearms (except for telescopic vision devices), air guns, balling guns, flare guns, starter's pistols, all kinds of toy guns, ball bearing guns, industrial rifle mechanisms, nail guns, bows and arrows, bricoles, catapults, spear guns, spears, pikes, underwater rifles, hunting guns and other guns to numb animals, stun guns, knockout guns, electroshock devices, ballistically managed energy guns (laser), lighters in the form of firearms

2. Sharp and pointed items which may cause injury such as weapons with pointed/sharp edges, sharp/pointed tips, sharp objects, axes, arrows, dart arrows, hooks, clamps, hook bars, crooks, iron bars in the shape of crooks, mountaineering crampons, crampon nails, spears, lances, pick axes, diggers, fold away pocket knives made from any length metal or any other metals including the ones with ritual, religious or hunting functions and powerful enough to be used as potential weapons, flick knives, lock knives, broadswords, meat cleavers, machetes, shaving razors, except for those when the sharp end is hidden in cartridges and/or except for disposable ones open razors and shavors, swords, bayonets, sword canes, lancets, bistouries, scalpels, surgical knives, scissors with any sharpness, skiing and walking sticks, poles, throwing stars, signal flares, drills, cutters, augers, screwdrivers, screwdriver or drill bits, fitters, wire cutters, nippers, tailor's cutters, multi-functional knives and pocket knives, repair and maintenance tools which may transform into a sharp and pointed weapon including all kinds of saws, screwdrivers, jimmy bars, levers, cranks, crowbars, crowfoots, clawhammers, hammers, mallets, pliers, needle nose pliers, pincers, nippers, spanners, adjustable spanners, blowtorches, soldering tools, underwater torches etc.

3. Although they do not have sharp or pointed edges or ends, tools which may cause injury, tennis rackets, baseball bats, softball bats, hard or elastic golf clubs, batons, all kinds of canes, bars, sticks, truncheons, clubs, (thick and short batons covered with leather around the flexible shaft),

4. maces, crooks, walking sticks, sticks, cricket bats, hockey and hurley sticks, lacrosse clubs, skiboards and canoe oars, skateboards, snooker cues, billiard cues, fishing rods, iron knuckledusters, sticks, truncheons, martial arts equipments such as daggers or swords

5. Items which threaten human health, posing a risk to the safety and security of the aircraft and its contents and/or passengers and the cabin crew: explosives, inflammable and combustible materials such as ammunitions, munitions, explosive capsules, caps, detonators, detonating cords, igniters, smoke bombs, fuses, explosive substances and devices, fake, imitation or duplicate explosive materials and devices, military explosive supplies such as mines, hand grenades, gases such as butane, propane, acetylene, oxygen and their containers, fireworks, all kinds of signal flares and other pyrotechnic ammunitions, insecure matches, metal or tin tobacco boxes or cartridges, inflammable liquid fuels such as petrol/gasoline/diesel, alcohol, ethanol, aerosol spray canisters, turpentine, terebentine, oil of turpentine, thinners, inflammable liquids such as paint thinners, alcoholic drinks with more than 70% alcohol rate

6. Chemical and toxic substances which threaten the human health posing risk to the safety and security of the aircraft and contents and/or passengers and the cabin crew: abrasives like mercury and chlorine which are contained within thermometers, fluid type batteries, acid, alkalines, detergents like bleach and whiteners, narcotic or knockout sprays such as pepper sprays, tear gases, radioactive substances such as medical or commercial isotopes, any contagious or biologically hazardous substances such as infected blood, bacteria or viruses, except for the ones kept within the requirements of the aircraft's emergency action plan and fire protocols, materials like fire extinguishers which might catch alight or heat up on its own due to oxidation.

The following items may not be carried as checked baggage:

Easily flammable, inflammable, abrasive, poisonous, oxidant, explosive, radioactive, contagious, self-ignitable, reactive, substances which pose hazard when moistened and compressed gases, organic peroxides and Hazardous Items which contain these substances and other materials which are subject to inspection, explosives, capsules, detonating cords, caps, fuses, igniters, hand grenades, mines, propanes and butane gases, inflammable liquids such as gasoline, petrol, methanol, methyl alcohol and inflammable fluid substances and devices and tools like camping gas cylinders which contain these substances, inflammable solid substances, reactive items such as magnesium, firewood, fireworks, signal flares, sparklers, bleach, whiteners, oxidants such as repair equipments for car bodies, car batteries, lithium-ion (lithium) batteries, organic peroxides, rat poisons, poisonous or contagious substances like infected blood, radioactive substances including medical or commercial isotopes, mercury, car batteries, abrasives like vehicle fuel system components which contain fuel


ATTENTION: All sharp objects inside checked baggage must be securely and safely packed in order to safeguard ground services personnel and other members of staff.

ATTENTION: Explosives such as paints, fireworks, firework crackers, items which have internal combustion engines such as power saws, model aircrafts, lawn mowers, radioactive substances may not be carried either as hand baggage on board or as checked baggage in the cargo hold

ATTENTION: Small Lithium Batteries, with maximum rating 100 watt-hours (Wh), include mobile phone batteries, watch batteries, MP3 player batteries and most original laptop batteries are accepted in carry-on only. Fully prohibited to accept lithium batteries, exceeding 160 watt-hours and spares. To ensure the safety of our customers and employees, Air Manas will not accept the transport of Mini-Segway, hoverboard, solowheel, airwheel, balance wheel of any type which uses lithium or lithium-ion batteries on board its aircraft. These items are prohibited as both carry-on and checked baggage. And it will be the passenger’s responsibility to arrange for the storage or disposal of such items prior to boarding.






Animal inhold over 8 kgs up to 15 kgs



Animal inhold over 15 kgs







Delhi +91 11 49979700/ 702 / 704 / 712

delhi@larklogistic.com, aviation.ops@larklogistic.com ,

Russia +8(926)336-01-32.

Bishkek/Osh +996770079907 cargo@airmanas.com


Animal incabin up to 8 kgs



Ski, snowboard, golf



Surfboard,Kiteboard, Diving Equipment, Canoe, Paragliding, Sporting Gun, Fencing and Fishing Equipments, carpet etc













Animal inhold over 8 kgs up to 15 kgs



Animal inhold over 15 kgs







Delhi +91 1149979700/ 702 / 704 / 712

aviation.ops@larklogistic.com, delhi@larklogistic.com,

Russia +8(926)336-01-32.

Bishkek/Osh +996770079907 cargo@airmanas.com


Animal incabin up to 8 kgs



Ski, snowboard, golf



Surfboard, Kiteboard, Diving Equipment, Canoe, Paragliding, Sporting Gun, Fencing and Fishing Equipments, carpet etc








Pre-paid selection

Terms of pre-paid seat selection are as follows

• Seat Selection is not applicable for optional reservations. Seats may be selected either when the ticket is being purchased or after purchase. (If the fee for the selected seat is not paid then the seat will be cancelled after a short period of time)

• in case of delay or cancellation under circumstances outside the control of the passenger, or if the passenger is unable to be seated in the selected seat, then the seat will be cancelled and the passenger reimbursed

• Seats cannot be changed unless flight details are amended

• Selected seats cannot be cancelled or refunded on their own

• Reservation Changes: Selected seats will not automatically transfer if a passenger chooses to change their reservation. However any seat selection fee, which were already paid, will be, reimburse in full, without any penalties, to the passenger. If the passenger wishes to select their once seat again, then they should click on the “Pre-paid Seat Selection” button and pay the amount that is displayed on the screen. Selected seats cannot be changed unless the flight is also changed.


• You must be in the airport at least 2 hours before take-off time in order to avoid problems with your flights.

• Air Manas check- in operations terminate 30 minutes before take-off for domestic flights, and 45 minutes before international flights. Passengers who have not completed their baggage and check- in operations within this time will lose all their rights concerning the relevant flight.

• During the check- in, passengers are required to hold an ID card with photo.

• Minors under 18 who is travelling alone has to have power of attorney from their parents.

• Minors who is traveling with mother, has to have written letter from father, and in case of traveling with father written letter from mother.

Documents acceptable for our domestic flights

Only the following documents are acceptable for passenger ID check- in on domestic flights in compliance with security rules:
• ID Card
• Driving License
• Passport and equivalent documents
• Birth certificate up to one month from the birth date (for infant under 1 month allowed to have medical certificate from maternity hospital)

Documents unacceptable for our domestic flights
• Any copy of ID card

Passengers with special needs

• Hearing impaired passengers may fly unaccompanied

• Visually impaired passengers

May fly accompanied or with a guide dog. If you travel with a guide dog, you need to have a certificate confirming its special training. Please keep its collar and muzzle on, and tie it to your chair by your feet in the cabin. Guide dogs travel free of charge in cabins, and do not count towards your baggage weight allowance. Guide dogs can be transported in the cabin free of charge. The PNR must be given containing information regarding the passenger's impairment and their dog, if necessary. Please contact the Air Manas and provide them with your requirement.

• Passengers with requests for Oxygen Supplies

We are unable to meet passenger requests for oxygen supplies. Empty oxygen tanks travelling with passengers can only be checked in if their valves are open.

• Request for Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are provided as a special service at the airport for those travelers who cannot move, cannot walk unaided, cannot use stairs or cannot walk for long distances.

Tickets for passengers requiring special assistance cannot be booked online. They can be arranged only at Air Manas sales office, or via the telephone.

Contact Centre, where a ticket sales agent can take all the necessary details and make enquiries about the possibility of such a flight. Please note that in some cases the airline may refuse the flight. Wheelchair users may fly with an accompanying career or under the care of the airline staff. The latter requires a written application.

• Passengers on a stretcher or gravely ill

There is no recumbent seats in airplane. That is why we cannot transfer the passengers on a stretcher or gravely ill.

***Can the airline refuse to carry a passenger who is on a stretcher, in a wheelchair, has limited mobility or is gravely ill?

Yes, this is possible when:

- the passenger has not arranged their flight in advance with the airline and thus has not informed Air Manas staff about the need for special assistance on the flight.
- it is not possible to provide the proper assistance for the whole route, because not all of the aircraft are suitably equipped.
- the passenger has medical contraindications against flying.
- flying would constitute a threat to the health or life of the passenger (established based on a medical examination, etc. ), or to the safety of other passengers, their property, the aircraft or crew.
- the passenger has not adhered to the terms and conditions of carriage.

What are the strict medical restrictions for flight?

Strict contraindications to flying are: heart attack or cardiac surgery in the previous two weeks.

Diabetics should abstain from flying with absolute insulin deficiency, when the blood insulin level is sharply reduced and constant administration of insulin is required.

The airline can refuse to carry or to continue to carry any passenger, if flying would constitute a threat to the health or life of the passenger (established on the basis of a medical examination, etc.).

Transportation, under any circumstances, will not be provided to a person who;

a) will potentially or actually need supplementary oxygen as well as medical care or will be dependent on specific medical equipment during the flight, and use medical instruments, apparatus, treatment or systems which work by compressed/pressured air, electricity or pneumatically;

b) has endure(d)/suffered Asthma attack or acute respiratory problems (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) just before the flight at the airport;

c) has contagious/infectious diseases during infective stage of illness unless medical clearance is submitted;

d) causes disturbance and jeopardizes flight safety, (passengers whose appearance would be dangerous to fellow passengers), who has such a degree of physical infirmity that the trip would likely result in complications (e.g. diversion) or death;

e) is because of his physical or medical condition, pose a direct threat to the health or safety of other passengers, their property, the aircraft or crew that cannot be eliminated by providing additional aid or services or by other means, (passenger, due to illness or a physical condition, display behaviour that could potentially influence the comfort and wellbeing of the other passengers and/or the crew, or that could present a risk to the safety or punctuality of the flight);

f) is an expectant mother whose length of pregnancy exceeds 36 weeks to travel. Therefore, all return flights shall be completed no later than the end of week 36 (also passenger who has medical clearance shall not accept for flight);

h) fails or refuses to submit themselves to the specific conditions of carriage required by the Air Manas regulations;

i) is a new mother and baby within first 48 hours of giving birth;

j) is fitted with a plaster cast, they are restricted to fly for the first 24 hours, provided they have a flight of two hours or less. If their flight is longer than two hours, Air Manas restrict flying to 48 hours after the plaster cast has been fitted;

k) needs personal care during the flight (during meals, visiting the toilet, etc.) and will be travelling without a companion, (requires individual nursing or care during the flight, if not accompanied by a suitable escort);

l) is not able to use the airplane seats in a normal, upright position.

Pregnant women

Pregnant passengers can be accepted to the flight if the pregnancy doesn’t exceed 4 weeks (singleton pregnancy) or 8 weeks (multiple pregnancy) before estimated date of confinement and there is no risk of premature birth. Women with duration of gestation:

Less than 28 weeks can be accepted to flight only if
o medical clearance with described duration of gestation and written medical approval on the compliance to the air carriage terms
is provided;

Between 28 and 36 weeks in case of singleton pregnancy can be accepted to flight only if
o medical clearance with described duration of gestation and written medical approval on the compliance to the air carriage term
o and certificate of maternity
are provided;

Less than 32 weeks in case of multiple pregnancy can be accepted to flight only if
o medical clearance with described duration of gestation and written medical approval on the compliance to the air carriage term
o and certificate of maternity
are provided;

Air Manas does not accept the expectant mothers whose length of pregnancy exceeds 36 weeks to travel in case of singleton pregnancy and 32 weeks in case of multiple pregnancy. Therefore, all return flights shall be completed no later than the period indicated above.

Air Manas does not accept the expectant mothers if estimated date of confinement lays within 7 days after flight, even if medical clearance or written medical approval on the compliance to the air carriage terms is provided;

Mothers and infants cannot be accepted to travel within first 7 days after date of confinement;

The airline has the right to refuse carriage to a pregnant woman if it is regulated by the immigration law of the country of destination.

The estimated date of confinement can be checked with the certificate of maternity or medical clearance.

Pregnant women are not allowed to sit near the emergency exits during the flight.

The air carriage of pregnant passengers can be performed if the company shall not be held liable for any consequences to her medical conditions induced by the air carriage to life or health of pregnant passenger, which is described in her guarantee commitment.

In case of Air Manas refuses to carry the pregnant passenger, such pregnant passenger is not entitled to reimbursement of fare.

Infant and child passengers

* Passengers under 2 years old considered as a infant passenger.( 0-24 month)
* Infants under 1 week are not permitted to fly even if accompanied by parents.
* Infants from 1 week may travel with their parents only with permission report from doctor.
* Due to safety rules in each flight one adult may accompany one infant.
* Children traveling with their mother must have written permission from father.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is necessary to execute a notarized consent of the other parent. It can be executed for one particular trip or for a specified period during which the child can make several trips.

Such consent is not required for legal absence of the second parent, which must be confirmed by relevant documents.

* Maternity book
* Death certificate
* Document on termination of parents right.
* Statement of abandment of second parent.
* Document from court that shows the second parents place cannot be determined.
* Document from police that shows the other parent wanted
* Certificate of divorce not include.
* If the child is traveling with both parents, it is sufficient only passport and birth certificate in the case of different family surnames.


* Unaccompanied child less than 6 years old will not be accepted on any flight.
* Booking and ticketing for minors between 6 and 12 years old can only be made through the .

* Children between 6 and 12 years of age may be accepted for travelling alone provided as below:

• Unaccompanied children must have permission to travel from their parents or a legal guardian.
• It is compulsory to fill in an Unaccompanied Minor Travel Authorization Form, which must be signed by the parents or a legal guardian
• Unaccompanied minors will be escorted to the plane by ground staff before the scheduled departure time and will be handed over to the flight crew.
• The child's parents or legal guardian must wait at the airport until the flight has departed
• Upon landing, the child will be handed to the ground staff who will deliver the child to the person waiting for him/her.


PETC (Transportation in the cabin / pets weighing up to 5 kg)

If you are planning to carry a petc on the flight you must first telephone the Air Manas Call Centre and make a reservation.

• Only cats and dogs are classed as pets and may be carried in the cabin in pet carriers provided by the passengers measuring 55 x 40 x 20cm.

* The animal has to stay in the closed kennel during the entire flight.

* Not allowed to board passengers with a pet at the emergency exit.

• The passenger must be able to provide the pet's health certificate, vaccination documents and ID card when requested.

• The total weight of the pet including its carrier must not exceed 5kg.

• Birds may not be carried on any flight.

• The total number of pets allowed in the cabin is two.

• Air Manas reserves the right to refuse to carry pets. Pets must be healthy, harmless and clean. If the animal's condition appears suspicious (if it is restless, aggressive, sick, very old, too young, etc) terminal staff may refuse permission for its transportation. Regulations state that animals may not be transported until they are 3 months old any may be vaccinated for rabies.

* Pregnant pets may not be transported.

* Airline will not accept responsibility for any pets that is not accepted in another country for any reason whatsoever.

* Carrying pets to/from India is strictly prohibited

AVIH ( Pets weighing more than 5kg):

• If the total weight of the pet including its carrier exceeds 5kg it will be transported in the luggage compartment. Passengers must in all circumstances provide the carriers themselves.

• AVIH carriers must be of a portable size and our guests must have the carriers ready at the terminal. The bars of the carrier must not be too wide.

• A maximum of 4 AVIH will be accepted on each flight.

• The animal must be healthy, harmless and clean.

• Pets must be healthy, not dangerous to others, clean and not to make unpleasant smells

PROHIBITED DOGS: American Pit Bull, Fila Brazileiros, Japanese Tosa, Pit Bull Terrier, Togo Argentinos, American Staffordshire Terrier, Presa Canario, Chow Chow, Rottweiler, Doberman Mastiff Bulldog, Caucasian Breeds, Mastino Napoletano.

Click here to see the kennels, which transported in hold of aircrafts for live animals.



Animal inhold over 8 kgs up to 15 kgs



Animal inhold over 15 kgs




Animal inhold over 8 kgs up to 15 kgs



Animal inhold over 15 kgs


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