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We aim to ensure all our Family Members to work as a team by unifying the objectives of everybody in the team, and boosting their motivation to the possible highest level, by providing a democratic environment, in which all our Family Members share their ideas freely.

We strive to select the best employees through a recruitment process in which each department helps us find the right person for the right job at the best time.

We aim to ensure all our Family Members execute their jobs correctly, effectively and quickly by offering enhanced occupational and personal training designed to advance personal development and maintain high motivation.

We offer the most appropriate career planning to our individual Family Members, providing them the personal training required for their continuous growth, ensuring fair salary management based on the results obtained from our applied performance system and thoughtful feedback to our employees.

Our expectations:

  • > Dedication
  • > Teamwork
  • > Open communication
  • > Focusing on results
  • > Seeking continuous growth and innovation
  • > Embracing change.

Performance Assessment

"Nobody knows the limits of their capabilities unless they try." (Goethe)

Our company applies a capacity- and target-oriented performance management system. Through our performance management system and the right feedback, our main focus is to enhance the capabilities of our employees and to ensure their contribution to the overall corporate goals with a target-oriented evaluation process.

The information acquired during the performance assessment process ensures our family members’ improved capability, thereby directing them to the required training programs to contribute to their personal development.

Based on the above, we create the most appropriate career plan for new employees and develop a performance-based salary system.

Training and Development

Employees’ education and permanent development is one of the aspects of high strategic importance within the Human Resources policy of Air Manas Company. It aims at helping Air Manas become a leader and a trendsetter in the sector through innovation. In line with the sustainable training principle, Air Manas goal is to ensure its employees keep up with developments and changes in the business, as well as corporate awareness and motivation, through contribution to their personal and professional development by in-house and external training programs. Our target-oriented training courses are designed for the purpose of further increasing our employees’ performance and improving our business. These programs are devised based on the employee’s and manager’s analysis of the need for training arising from performance reviews.


Candidates applying for vacancies in our company go through one or two interviews in which the HR department and the person in charge of the relevant position are present.

Depending on the type of position, personality and/or foreign language tests are conducted and candidates’ references are checked.

Candidates fulfilling all the employment processes are given job proposals by the Human Resources department.

Through our corporate orientation training programs, we help all new Air Manas employees adapt easily to performing their duties in our company and to learning the methods of this new environment. We provide support in their endeavors to become a valued member of the Air Manas family.

Open vacancies

Employee’s Rights

•The standard working time is 40 hours per week.

•Working time is set from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 18:00.

•Working time may vary for units operating in shifts, depending on the type of shifts, as well as for crew depending on flight schedules. Paid leave (vacation)

•In accordance with the Labor Code of the Kyrgyz Republic Social Package

•Discounts on tickets of Pegasus Asia for employees and their relatives

•Discounts on hotel stays, signed an agreement with Air Manas


How to apply for employment?

- You are asked to send your resume to info@airmanas.com to ensure the proper evaluation of applications stored in our database, and for a quick response.

How does Pegasus Asia reply to job applications?

- You will be contacted by using a phone number or e-mail, provided in the resume.

What are the qualifications required for flight attendants?

• Kyrgyz Citizenship

• High school or college degree

• Languages: Kyrgyz and Russian necessarily + English, Turkish

• Aged between 18 and 30

• Minimum height 160cm for women and 170cm for men.

Am I eligible as a high school graduate?

- Candidates are eligible for application if they meet the high school graduate criteria for the respective vacant position.

What are your employment periods?

- Employment at our company is position-specific and based on the needs at the time of the openings.

Do you accept generic applications not intended for a specific position? What is your evaluation process?

• Pegasus Asia welcomes generic applications at any time.

• Applications submitted to the generic CV database.

• You are contacted as soon as a suitable position becomes vacant.

I have not done military services. Will my application be accepted?

- Yes. Applications of those, who have not done military services are examined according to the criteria for the respective vacant position.

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