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Opening of new regular route “Bishkek-Moscow(Zhukovsky)

Opening of new regular route “Bishkek-Moscow(Zhukovsky)”

On 20th of December 2016 “Air Manas” Air Company” will operate first flight from Manas International Airport to Zhukovskiy International Airport.

Zhukovskiy Airport, or also known as Rameskoe Airport, is located in Zhukovskiy town, 3 km south-west from rail platform “42 km”, 36 km from center of Moscow by car. Zhukovskiy International Airport has longest runway in Europe (5,5 km), airport will work as united aviation center of experimental, state and civil aviation of Russian Federation. It is planned that by end of 2016, airport will serve 350-400 thousand passengers. Plan for next year is 2 million passengers.

Departure from Bishkek is planned for 19:30 (Bishkek time), arrival to Zhukovskiy at 21:10 (Moscow time). It is planned that until February Air Manas Air Company will have 2 regular flights per week, and starting from February frequency will be increased up to three with further increase of number of flights in future.

Prices for tickets start from 64.99$ (Bishkek-Zhukovskiy), and 54.99$ (Zhukovskiy-Bishkek), 120$ for round trip tickets. Flights will be operated on Boeing 737-800 NG aircrafts, which can fit up to 189 passengers.

Tickets can be purchased on Air Manas Air Companies’ website airmanas.com.

Start of new flight to Zhukovskiy will let passengers fly easily between Zhukovskiy and other destination airports in Osh, Urumqi, Kashgar and Delhi with affordable prices.

For convenience of passengers, it is recommended to check schedule of trains from Moscow to Zhukovskiy at http://zia.aero

Information about Air Manas:

Air Manas Air Company is dynamically developing airline company, with strategic partner from Turkey Pegasus Airlines. Local air carrier started flights to Istanbul in 2013. Currently airline has flights to Osh, Russian federation, India and China, particularly, flights to Moscow, Delhi, Urumqi and Kashgar. Company takes special care of technical safety of aircrafts, available prices for passengers (Low cost format – low prices) and enforcement of highest standards in civil aviation sector. “Flying is right of everyone!

Source: PR department of Air Manas

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AirManas Pegasus Airlines
AirManas Pegasus Airlines